Friday 20 March 2015

Mosaic sunflowers!

Hello everyone!

It is rather fitting that, as I write my blog about sunflowers, the sun is really shining (with a bit of warmth!) here in Bristol!

We all love sunflowers, dont we?  Those gorgeous yellow golden petals and the generous wide brown seed head, with shapely green leaves.  I have made mosaic sunflowers for some years now, and am really getting it down to a fine art!  I have collected all sorts of yellow, orange and red tiles that I use - different thickness and textures to really bring the sunflower to life!  Here are just some of the sunflower variations I have made -

This week I made a sunflower bowl.  I had to use the same thickness of tile for the mosaic, so it was as flat as possible and could be used practically as a bowl.  I used extra glue so the tiles stuck really well on the slightly curved surface, varnished the sides and back, and sealed the mosaic, so it really is a useful bowl as well as being a work of art!
Do have a watch of my short product film to get a feel of how it is in real life.  As my mosaics can be so hard to photograph, I am going to make more of these short no-frills films.

I do hope you have enjoyed seeing my mosaic sunflowers, and, as always, I love to hear from you,

Happy weekend,
Felicity x


  1. Beautiful work Felicity, I love your sunflowers, your little sheep in winter piece. You have a unique style which is instantly recognisable as yours.